AXS music is a library music label part of BMG Production Music France, involved into music production and publishing for almost 20 years. AXS Music has reach a high audience and a valuable international reputation, thanks to the strong networks build in the media industry,and is part now of the BMG Music PM roaster. Please check out the contact zone of the site to reach your local agent.


We are producing and distributing music of all kind of styles and forms, for any application you need a musical support. We have various clients from the entertainment industry, including musical supervisors, directors, A&R, editors, mixers, brand & product managers. Check out our social networks links to have a sample view of movies TV or radio adds where AXS Music has been involved.


Our music is accessible on various ways. We propose you online and offline digital tools, where you freely have to login for enjoying to download any of our tracks, anytime, anywhere! The present website support an electronic jukebox containing all AXS catalogs, and featuring various ways fro finding music by key words and playlists. For those who cannot login on the web at work, we propose you a hard drive extension of our website, offering you an ideal offline solution. Please feel free to contact your local agent for more info.

Considered as a generic library music label, AXS Main Series is the historical imprint, set up by AXS Music. Hosting various influences as being the home of over 50 composers, its proposes a wide panel of musical genres through its 300 references. As a sub-label of the main series, AXS Doc is gathering albums suited for TV/Film Documentary applications! Our second sub-label is dedicated to wolrd and ethnical music, ideally suited to illustrate Travel and social documentaries.
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